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White kitchen splashback Varsity Lakes

Glass Splashbacks for Varsity Lake’s Growth Spurt

The thriving suburb of Varsity Lakes doesn’t need much to be reminded of its good fortune. Located within a long stone’s throw of the Surfers Paradise CBD, the brick and mortar buildings here speak to years of good fortune and an industrious, prosperous people.

However, it is a traditional-style suburb. The homes here are quite Victorian in both their age, and their deference to classical style. It takes more than a trend in modernistic styling to disrupt this aversion to change, and when new residents are lucky enough to join Varsity Lake’s residents, they must often adjust to fixtures and accoutrements that date from yesteryear.

White kitchen splashback Varsity Lakes
White kitchen splashback Varsity Lakes

This isn’t all bad, but if these fixtures have put their best years behind them, they could potentially be causing harm to the home. Leaking shower screens and splashbacks can easily cause rot in the timbers of the home, or create trouble for the drywall here. It pays, then, to stay abreast of new developments in these areas.

At All Quality Splashbacks, we know that developing new styles in bathroom and kitchen areas isn’t progress for the sake of progress. It is a natural movement towards practicality and function, and for the protection of the home and the promotion of its preservation.

Our splashbacks bring together a body of knowledge that can protect and preserve your kitchen for the long term. We offer a wide variety of styles to fit any kitchen and any format, whether you are seeking a classical vibe or one with a more modernistic feel to it.

Splashbacks are our forte, and we are ready to offer Varsity Lakes the chance to revive their kitchens for the new century.

If you’re ready to have a look, contact us today for more information!