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When used in the kitchen, mirrored splashbacks are able to provide an instant, stunning and dramatic look that is loved by modern interior designers to reflect light and give a feeling of open space.  At the same time, they give your kitchen a practical, hard wearing surface that is always easy to clean.

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Thinking about a mirrored splashback in your kitchen?

This modern design and the feel of mirrors when well placed in homes lend themselves perfectly to the Gold Coast’s vibrant and bright atmosphere. Mirror splashbacks when used correctly in and around the home are often a work of art and not just functional objects.


All Quality Mirrored Splashbacks can add depth and additional size to any room, or when they are carefully tilted they can reflect a beautiful garden to look like it is right there in your living room. If your home is on the shoreline, a tilted mirror at an angle to capture the sight of the sea and waves which gives you the feeling of being on the ocean and enjoying the spray from the waves or aboard a boat.

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