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Design Tips For Using Glass Splashbacks In SE Qld Homes

In the warm climate area of S.E. Queensland and in particular areas like the Gold Coast or Brisbane or Sunshine Coast, the design and/or renovation of a modern kitchen is incredibly important. Designing areas such as kitchens and bathrooms require both a creative feel and a practical one. The kitchen area firstly needs to be hygienic, but modern design now also demands for it to be BOTH stylish and appealing.

Glass Splashback SE Queensland

It needs to be more than just a place where food is produced – these days its a place where families can gather, share a meal and spend quality time together in the presence of a good design and beautiful surroundings. Likewise, bathrooms are now an area of relaxation and meditation, where people often recover their energy after long and stressful workdays.

In previous times, various placement of colorful tiles and differently patterned wallpaper have been the popular solutions for kitchens and bathrooms, and they have served well. But the pattern combinations and placements of tiles are limiting, and wallpaper is hard to clean and is less sanitary especially in the warm climate of South East Queensland.

#1 Design Tip: Glass splashbacks are the new solution for rooms where water is involved

Glass splashbacks are the ideal solution and a modern architectural feature which has greatly improved the design of any room where water is involved, while being extremely practical for these messy areas. Glass Splashbacks are also the preferred solution for bathrooms or kitchens as they provide a smooth, slippery surface which is extremely easy to clean.

In wet or humid areas, water can penetrate any opening in the underlying structure of a home, thus ultimately creating water damage. In addition, mold also thrives in such places, which can endanger the health of you and your family. It is best to ensure that such spaces are kept as clean and as dry as possible.

A versatile alternative for Modern SE Qld homes

When entirely constructed out of glass, splashbacks are a fantastic solution as they provide a strong, waterproof surface. Even where walls become greasy and discolored, like around stoves in kitchens, they are a practical and beautiful solution. Moreover, glass is extremely easy to clean with a single swipe and will ensure that the region will always be sanitary.

Being so easy to clean and versatile, splashbacks are ideal even in commercial properties such as modern hotels, restaurants, sophisticated public venues, public bathrooms, modern business offices etc as they have an extremely elegant and modern design, while being low-maintenance. The ultimate test for the durability of any splashback is being used in saunas and withstanding not only the high humidity, but also the extreme heat.

Infinite kitchen and bathroom design possibilities!

It’s easy to redesign an entire room as glass splashbacks come in many patterns and colors and can easily be tailored to the customer’s individual needs and wants. From solid color designs to pattern designs to frosted glass, all quality glass splashbacks will most certainly be able to satisfy even the highest of expectations.

The colors are imprinted on the back of the glass, the part which adheres to the wall. This way, it ensures that the design will never fade, even if the splashback is washed with harsh detergents and disinfectants.

By installing Quality Glass splashbacks in Gold Coast and Brisbane homes, we can give an instant high quality makeover to your home and this is now definitely the modern solution to old problems. Plus being exceptionally durable, glass is easy to clean and offers endless design possibilities, thus being suited for almost any room.


Is It Easy To Install A Glass Splashback?

In addition to being so versatile, glass splashbacks are extremely easy to install. They are stuck directly to the wall using a strong glue. Once the splashback has adhered to the wall, the only way to take it down is by destroying the entire wall.

The special glue will not budge even in high humidity rooms or areas such as South East Queensland. You rest assured that your beautiful new Glass Splashback will be secure on any wall (even in the extreme conditions of a sauna!) for many years to come, or, until the you decide to redesign again.

Of course, its strongly recommended you seek some professional advice you can trust before going ahead and getting a splashback installed and in particular make sure you use a licensed professional installer at its a job that requires specialist skills and accuracy!

Of course we would love to help you and our licensed and fully qualified installers are all experts at installing the perfect glass splashback into your kitchen or bathroom.

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