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Pink Glass Splashback Gold Coast

Why Gold Coast Glass Splashbacks?

One of the latest and increasingly popular trends in home design are glass splashbacks for an elegant new kitchen feel. If you look at new upmarket homes on the Gold Coast in Queensland you will see a reflection of yourself in the kitchens equipped with the latest designs of these splashbacks.

Surfers Paradise glass splashback“Pink” Kitchen Renovation Surfers Paradise QLD

The variety of glass splashback designs found in Gold Coast homes certainly look attractive and grab attention but they may be regarded as functional and highly practical as well. Because they do not have many visible joins (many have none), there is less likelihood for any mould forming on them, making glass splashbacks very easy to clean.

So not only do glass splashbacks provide a stunning, contemporary look, they are practical as well!


The manufacture of glass splashbacks

Usually glass splashback types are made from float glass, or if a clearer less green glass is required then low-iron glass is used in the manufacture. The glass is required to meet the ‘Australian standard AS2208 – Safety glazing materials for use in buildings’.

Runaway Bay Glass Splashback
Runaway Bay Apartment Glass Splashback

This requirement is where cutouts and notches are called for, or if the splashback is to be installed behind a heat source such as a cooking top. The toughened glass must carry an AS2208 label and all glass splashbacks need to be made at least of 6mm toughened glass.

Furthermore for appliance areas which utilise a splashback the designs require an accompanying letter from an architect, designer, glass supplier or manufacturer stating that the splashback is suitable for the designed purpose. As well, the surface of the wall must be heat proofed in accord with the relevant building code requirements.

So as always, make sure you get good advice when considering getting a glass splashback installed and if you are located on the Gold Coast or Brisbane please give us a call to talk about your kitchen ideas!

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